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Viva La Moda in Brazil

January 24, 2012

Most people consider New York Fashion Week the start of the fashion season, but actually the mayhem has already  begun. Redheaded step-children of the fashion world are already showing their goods, and Men’s Fashion Week and Sao Paulo Fashion Week are currently on deck. I’ve been surprised to find some gems in the Brazilian collections (people wear clothes in Brazil other than bikinis?), including two standout shows from Samuel Cirnansk and FH for Fause Haten.

Cirnansk’s show was a flutter of plumage in a theatrical swan-inspired event. In contrast to the standard of a stark runway in Sao Paulo, Cirnansk seems to be the McQueen of Brazil with his dramatic presentations. (Check out the beginning of his last show, where he sent models that were bound and gagged out in bridal gowns.) Most of these looks are a bit derivative of more established designers like McQueen, Chanel, and de la Renta (not to mention Rodarte’s costume design for Black Swan) but the creations were nonetheless exquisite.

FH for Fausten combined tropical prints and colors and Brazilian sensuality with a slinky Italian silhouette. The most surprising aspect of the collection was the abundance of fur in wraps, stoles, and cowls, but it’s pulled off so flawlessly you’d think it was from the depths of Siberia. The sophistication of the draping and tailoring present in the show hints that Fausten may be poised to become a more globally recognized name.

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