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Hey Givenchy… Um, What?

March 7, 2011

Alright, so, Givenchy is one of my favorite designers (which should come as no surprise if you’ve gathered that the “Audrey” in Audrey Monroe is Ms. Hepburn), but his Fall ’11 show was…how do I say this? Appalling. My face came as close to this emoticon : / in real life as it has ever gotten while flipping through the pictures. It was like Riccardo Tisci got high in a garden, and then passed a hipster wearing one of those howling wolf  T-shirts ironically on his way inside where he proceeded to watch Harry Potter. That’s the only scenario I can think of that would lead to someone thinking these clothes were a good idea. Seriously, what happened?






Shudder. I don’t know, maybe once the reviews are up I’ll be enlightened as to what exactly this whole collection is supposed to “mean,” bu as of now all I know is that damn it is hideous. And how the hell is this even supposed to slightly resemble Givenchy?

On the bright side, though, I don’t know how I never noticed before but Riccardo is pretty damn cute:

Or, maybe that’s just in comparison to all the clothes that just went down that runway.

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